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Victorian Memories: Work at Home Career





 Victorian Memories, an innovative home-based business, offers an ideal career choice for the busy  twenty-first century woman.

The Victorian Memories Marketing Specialist is an entrepreneur who owns and regulates her own business.

This entrepreneurial company offers well-planned career growth with enough flexibility for family obligations, financial security and lucrative income potential to meet the needs of women from all walks of life.

Benefits Include: FREE Marketing leads, product samples, Home Party Plans with recipes, Marketing Newsletter, Aromatherapy Seminar

Independent Marketing Specialists receive 40% of sales  and special incentives for recruiting teams of new marketing specialists.  The marketing plans and sales organization allow for well-planned career growth, starting as an Independent Marketing Specialist, then becoming an Independent Sales Director, and finally, Independent National Sales Director.

Victorian Memories represents the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit which is part of the American dream.


Victorian Memories provides intensive marketing guidance to insure the success of each of it's Independent Marketing Specialists.  Marketing strategies may include:


*  Community fund raising events

*  Office parties, ladies' clubs, hobby clubs, school functions

*  Community fairs

*  Family and social events, etc.

*  Promotions for local corporations


We create an individual marketing plan to suit your regional needs and advise you on successful ways of presenting your products and closing sales in a natural, relaxed manner. Telephone: 972 612 6906 (9:00-5:00,Monday to Friday)






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