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Aromatherapy Course

Course introduction:  Aromatherapy is derived from two words.  Aroma - meaning fragrance or scent and Therapy - meaning treatment.  Aromatherapy was used by ancient civilizations and is reputed to be at least 6000 years old. Research indicates that Aromatherapy began in Egypt according to a medical papyri which contains remedies for all types of illnesses, The papyri has been dated back to around 1555 BC .  Modern scientists have made note of the fact that the methods of application found on the papyri are similar to the ones used in Aromatherapy and herbal medicine today. Interested in course details ? Register with us today !

Course Curriculum - Copyright 2002, Victorian Memories. All rights reserved.


  Essential oil charts

  Essential oils - applications

  Beauty Care

  Basic Care kit

  Body Care

 Health Care

  Garden Care

  Cooking with essential oils

 Home Care

  Emotional well being

Tuition fees:  $195.00 for the complete course which includes a certificate

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Aromatherapy Course

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 Bath Scrubs

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