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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils



Essential oils are the vital life essence of aromatic plants and flowers, in a

 condensed form and have been used as therapeutic remedies for the body, mind

 and spirit for thousands of years.


Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

(l/2 oz. size)

EO3OL/   Lavender  ($16.00)

EO3OT/   Teatree  ($12.44)

EO3OG/   Ginger  ($12.00)

EO3ORW/   Rosewood  ($32.00)

EO3OT/   Thyme  ($36.00)

EO3OSP/   Spearmint  ($12.00)

EO3OCP/   Cypress  ($32.00)

EO3OEU/   Eucalyptus  ($9.20)

Additional EO available upon request

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Essential Oils


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