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Victorian Memories

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The time you devote to your Victorian Memories business is entirely up to you and your family obligations. But whatever your decision, we make it our business to ensure you are as successful as possible.  Once you make the vital decision to become a Victorian Memories marketing team member, you will be provided with invaluable selling tips and information on how you can build your sales (includes homeparty plans with recipes, and local leads). All Independent Marketing Specialists, will receive a complimentary Aromatherapy Seminar.  With our help, you can build your Victorian Memories business at a pace which fits your lifestyle and your family.  We also offer special marketing training courses which are exclusive to Victorian Memories team members.



It takes a very small investment to start your Victorian Memories - the joining fee is just $78.00 and upon joining, you will receive a start-up kit containing product samples, brochures and our marketing newsletter as well as an invitation to join our online marketing list. A complimentary seminar in Aromatherapy is also included as part of your registration.   In addition to generating a good income, you can participate in exciting programs and have the opportunity to earn additional commissions when you introduce others to become Victorian Memories marketing members. If you are seeking full time work or a way to earn extra cash in your spare time, Victorian Memories is with you all the way to help you develop a successful home-based business.  Put yourself on the path to earning more money by taking this important step. There are NO monthly sales quotas, no pressure and a minimum of paperwork. Buy wholesale and sell retail. Contact us today !



How to Jump-start Your career with Victorian Memories

*  Order your start-up kit and read your marketing newsletter, party plans, etc.

*  Have a positive attitude towards your new career !

*  Put together a marketing plan with the help of Victorian Memories and develop your network of potential customers !

*  Sell yourself together with your products ! Tell your customers about yourself !

*  Set yourself a networking goal each week !

*  Read up on new marketing and sales ideas (books, Yahoo lists, etc.)  Do demonstrations, etc.

*  Stay in contact with Victorian Memories on a weekly basis and discuss your experiences with other consultants via e-mail.

*  Send in orders on a daily basis and follow up on new leads !  Help other new consultants !



Do I need sales or business experience ?? 

No, you just need a lot of ambition !  We will coach and guide you through your sales campaigns.


What if customers ask me about the products ?

You will receive company information about new products and handy selling tips and advice. Your complimentary Aromatherapy course will increase your knowledge of essential oils and the basics of Aromatherapy.


What if a customer wants to return a product ?

All Victorian Memories products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if a customer wants to return a product.


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Become an important part of the Victorian Memories tradition.  Click on the mailbox and apply

 for your application to become an independent marketing specialist.

Alternatively, you can ring us at:

Telephone:  972 612 6906 (Monday - Friday, 9:00-5:00, central time)

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