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Motivation - How to get and keep it !





We often hear people comment on their past diet experiences and most often, the single biggest obstacle to successful weight management is lack of motivation.  It is that inner drive which keeps us going in an activity and this also applies to dieting and exercise.  Look over this checklist and you will find it useful in your own unique case: 

Ask yourself what you want - Set goals before you change something and you will have to want to make the change. Regardless of whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking or targeting a new lifestyle, the principle is the same. Use your own system of Positives and Negatives to do this !


I will lose weight

I will be healthier

I will look better

I will fit into my clothing

I will look great for summer



                            Diets are boring

                            I will be hungry all the time

                            I won't be able to eat out

                            Diets never work for me

                            I will re-gain the weight again





If you look at all the positive points, you will see how easy it use to use them to motivate yourself. Pick out a few that resonate with you, that really ring true, or make up a few of your own.  Say these phrases to yourself when you wake up in the morning, before you go to sleep at night and at every meal or when you feel tempted to overeat.  It may also be a cool idea to pin some of these points to your refrigerator door.  This repetition of positive points will act as a powerful motivating factor in your weight management program.  You are now on your way to successfully carrying out your individual program !




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