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Antiquity Weight Management Program



A Centuries Old Problem

Why can some people eat just about everything and not have a weight problem and others just need to think about food and they are confronted with a weight gain overnight.

Some "specialists" in the field , have suggested a new type of diet which is based on the lifestyle of prehistoric men. They have conveniently neglected to take into consideration the following facts:

*  Prehistoric men went without food more days than you'd like to know about !

*  Most of their diet was vegetarian because they didn't also catch the animals they were hunting !

*  Their cars weren't available to them and they spent most of their days wandering the forest and using up huge amount of calories in their quest for survival.

The Solution

The solution is not uncomplicated and we kid you not. If you seriously want to lose weight you have got to make far reaching plans which include:

* Well planned menus'

* Lots of exercise

* Tons of discipline

*  Flexability

Our Antiquity weight management program is based on solid principles which involve the listed points as well as other ones, we would like to put fourth to you !

Your entire life style needs to change if you want to lose weight and keep it off. You can't starve yourself while watching television  and expect miracles.  Losing weight means taking action and we are here to help you get started with your ambitious plans !