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Antiquity Plus - Weight Management Program


Centuries Old Problem   Some important facts on the lifestyle of prehistoric man need to be taken into consideration:

*  Prehistoric man fasted for days on end when food was unavailable

*  Most of their meager diet was vegetarian

*  They burned huge amounts of calories in their quest for survival

Unfortunately, fasting may pose severe health risk and most of us lead relatively sedentary lives in comparison to ancient times. We can however, pick and chose among sectors of ancient life which contributed positively to the development of mankind and utilize this to help us lead healthy lives.



The Solution   Our Antiquity Plus - Weight Management Program, is based upon solid nutritional principles and includes:

*  Planned menu suggestions, which are varied enough to please every taste. These include heart healthy fish, vegetarian dishes, chicken/venison (opt.), sprouts, selective raw food recipes.  You get to pick and chose among them every week

*  We evaluate your profile and create an individual plan to suit your needs, tastes and pocketbook

*  Support Program -  You receive a Newsletter with all kinds of exercise tips, motivational themes, the latest nutritional information and most important, you are in contact with other list members who are also participating in the program

*  Friendly Advice is just an e-mail away and we go the extra mile when you are experiencing a crisis ! 


Fill out your profile and register for our program today !




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