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Victorian Memories - Team Members

Some of our team members have asked us to put up this page for them.

Let us know if you would also like to contribute to this page !


Hi, I'm Barbara and real happy to meet all of you.  We live in Montana and are real active in our community. I enjoy doing Victorian Memories cause of the cool image of the company. People over here hanker for good customer service and although we may be conservative, we like our creature comfort

Hi, this is Margie ! You'd be surprised to hear that I quit a full time job to do this, but I prefer being independent !  This company has helped me jump start my business and I enjoy my new career with all the perks of being a stay at home mom and wife. The Aromatherapy course fascinates me and I like exploring therapies with my customers. My former co-workers seem really interested in my new career and I'm hoping some of them come on board !

Sunny California greetings to all team members there ! My name is Tanya and  since I started with Victorian Memories, I've made a lot of friends who were also looking for an upscale company with flexible policies. If you have any questions, we're ready to pitch in and help !

Hi, my name is Millie and I live in Maryland with my husband and two children. I started working with Victorian Memories in January and find it brings me a lot of status among my friends. I am home in time to help my kids with homework and can cook a decent meal for my family without relying on fast food.  I love my new career ! 

People Helping People ! (Recession Advice)


Millie's advice on Coupons:  I find the best deals on coupons in my local Sunday paper, but the internet also has great offerings such as:  They allow you to pick your coupons and then they mail them to you.  You can find good coupons which you print out and take to your local store.   Just type in your zip code and you can choose from lots of local grocery stores in your area. Some stores will also give you coupons called web bucks, and you can take these off your next purchases.   You can get coupons for your regular products. They charge from five to twelve cents for them.


Margie has something to add on food savings: I don't know about you, but I love Indian food and while looking for my special ingredients, I discovered my local Indian spice shop had super prices on rice and lentils, which saved me a bundle !

Asian Markets:  Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. all have fresh produce, noodles and fish, rice, lentils and more !  Try shopping them for soy sauce, and your basic stir fry sauces as well !

Mexican Groceries:  They have great deals on beef, pork, chicken, rice, beans, tacos and of course, veggies, peppers and exotic fruits.

Italian Markets:  They offer fantastic deals on pasta, sausages, breads, etc.

Middle Eastern markets: Try their olive oil, nuts, breads and pastry !

Don't be afraid to go into these shops if you are not of these ethnic backgrounds. Give yourself a chance to save money and have an adventure as well !


Tanya has advice for bargain furnishings:  If you are decorating on a shoestring and need to know the best sources of reasonable furniture and accessories, try these sources:

*  Factory direct

*  Going-out-of-business sales and newspaper advertisements

*  Flea markets 

*  Auctions (contact your local authorities)

* Outlet mails

*  Estate Sales


Barbara  You can have an inexpensive miniature terrarium in your home if you do some research on the subject ! Look at some English and Victorian garden design books and select plants such as miniature ferns, begonias, roses, ivy, etc. Cover the bottom of a terrarium with a layer of charcoal and add soil over it. Add your small plants and miniature garden ornaments to create an original Victorian garden.









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