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Grants and Venture Capital Funding




Foundations tend to fund projects which are more social in nature (i.e. nonprofit 
corporations) which strive to help society. These may include educational projects 
(teaching skills to members of the community, advancing economic well being of the
local community and so on), animal rescue, Daycares, etc. This is a very 
extensive topic and requires a lot of discussion . Foundations do not expect to be paid 
back, but  require a structured business plan which details the infrastructure of a 
particular project. 

Venture Capital companies are by their nature, more commercial and may take
a more active role in a particular project/business. They do expect to be paid
back for their investment and also require a good business plan. 

Funding for viable projects are available  and women are considered a
minority group and may benefit from minority group funding. The
criteria  from grant givers/foundations may include:

* Minority group membership (all women are included in this classification)

* Residence (some grants are given for specific areas)

* Industry/field/profession

* Relatives of military, religious groups, etc.

* Education, business experience, etc.

The list goes on and on and requires further investigation and is very  individual.

Partial list of grant giving foundations:

Chicago Foundation for Women ,raises and distributes funds to provide 
opportunities and promote solutions for all women and girls.

Vision Statement: Chicago Foundation for Women ,envisions a society in which 
the voices and potential of all women and girls are fully realized.

The Amber Foundation , a non-profit organization set up to help women of 
vision start new online businesses or help an existing one make a needed step 
forward. It has been established to honor the memory of Amber Wigdahl, a 
remarkable young woman that left this world far too early and never had the 
opportunity to realize her own dreams and potential. 

Early Stage Enterprises, LP (ESE) , a private venture capital fund organized 
to provide capital and guidance to early stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic 
region. ESE has $44 million to invest, and is licensed by the U.S. Small 
Business Administration as a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC).

Acorn Ventures ,offers the emerging company a unique combination of skills and 
experience to support your company. Our principals have experience both as 
entrepreneurs and as corporate leaders. These skills and experiences assure 
you quality insight and leadership in addition to financial and management 
resources to help your company grow rapidly and manage that explosive growth. 
In partnership with your company, we try to create a synergy among companies 
in our portfolio with whom we are affiliated. The key to your success on the 
Internet is to partner. We will do our part to support your success.


If you would like additional information for your project, please contact us via e-mail.  We do grant consulting and would be very pleased to help you in this matter.







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