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Whole Child Academy

Welcome to our homeschooling academy ! Based upon the British educational system, Whole Child Academy, has it's roots in Bonn International Academy, an international institution which served the diplomatic community in Bonn, Germany for twelve years. We have adapted our curriculum for   use in the United States and have added new sections and lesson plans to make it "user friendly" for homeschooling families. 

Our team of dedicated educators have worked hard at presenting a program which will benefit children of varying abilities.  We believe that an educational program needs to be individually formulated to meet the needs of children on a one by one basis and not the other way around ! 

The whole child is taken into consideration and lessons are planned to meet emotional, physical and academic needs of each child.  We have presented the basics of our program for each subject area in order to give you a firm idea of the material included in our curriculum.  Please bear in mind, that the curriculum will be formulated to meet the needs of your child on an individual basis.

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